It’s a Burberry Kind of Day

Your face is like a beautiful piece of artwork and it deserves to be framed as such. Burberry has an entire sunglasses gallery in which to choose from. Since its founding in England in 1856, Burberry has been synonymous with class, elegance, impeccable design and is seasoned with traditional British style.

The luxury brand offers many options with a plethora of frame shapes and colors that will help enhance your look and confidence. Whether you’re going for classic, trendy, hipster, vintage, or unique, this luxury brand has it all and is certain to have frames that are a perfect compliment to your unique style.

When choosing sunglasses there are a few things to consider. Most importantly, you want to choose a frame that flatters your features and with the shape of your face to highlight and balance your facial features. How do we do that? A quick and easy way to determine your face-shape is with a mirror and a dry erase marker. First trace around your reflection so that you are outlining your face. Take a look at the shape you drew. Is it round, heart-shaped, square, or oval? Perfect! Let’s compliment the shape of your face with the perfect Burberry frames.

Is your face:

  • Oval-Shaped-
    Congratulations! With an oval-shaped face, you can wear just about any style of frame. So decide the purpose of your sunglasses and make your choice. Will you use these by the pool? Maybe a cat-eye or butterfly shape would work. Are your Burberrys a driving must? Then maybe a metal or rimless frame is best. It’s all up to you so enjoy choosing!

  • Square-Shaped–
    You are a head turner! With your strong jawline and lovely forehead, you’re a great match for several different frames. Just remember to choose something opposite the shape of your face. So maybe a curvier frame will help to compliment your beautiful features. An oval, round, or aviator shape will also frame your face perfectly.

  • Round-Shaped–
    Hello, beautiful! Your round face is distinguished by delicate features and is beautifully proportioned. Show the world how gorgeous you are by choosing a contrasting frame…maybe a rectangular or geometric fashion? Have fun choosing the perfect pair of Burberrys to frame your perfect look.

  • Heart-Shaped–
    Wow, with your wider brow and narrower chin, you are simply lovely!  You could consider elongating your face by choosing a frame that is overstated. Perhaps try a trendy cat eye, or another style that has a thicker frame. You are sure to look enchanting in your Burberry shades.

No matter what Burberry sunglass style you choose, you will evoke class, elegance, and luxury. Go ahead…get started!  It’s time to look your Burberry best.