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Social Events Amid Social Distancing

Measures to quell the spread of illness have become more and more necessary throughout the world. So it’s easy to understand why group events should and are being either postponed, cancelled, or if you’re lucky, moved to an online platform.

But what does this really mean for the event industry? 

Although most people are familiar and comfortable with digital interactions through both phone and social media networking, there is undoubtedly crucial subtext and opportunity for human bond that is lost when all contact is filtered through a digital screen. Social events and gatherings are important. They are often where we create our strongest memories. They’re where we network. They’re where we exchange goods and ideas. They’re where we learn, grow, and bond. 

So how do individuals and organizations who depend on these group interactions successfully function in times of mass quarantine? The most useful approach is likely going to be that of flexibility and readiness to evolve your plan of action. Embracing online communication and virtual interfaces will be key but not always an easy task in an industry that thrives, if not relies, on face to face interactions. Web presence has never been more important but engaging clientele through unfamiliar channels takes creativity, oversight, and a little bit of finesse.

Consider what the main goal of your event is. If only one thing gets accomplished, what do you want that one thing to be? Most events, of course, provide for multiple areas of success, but honing in on your ultimate goal could help to guide how you create and employ your digital media. Be empathetic and open-minded to the current needs of your clients, and what is and isn’t possible to achieve at this moment. The size and nature of one event may vary greatly from the next so it’s important to analyze the needs of each individually. This is why flexibility and focused goals could be your greatest tools in pushing forward. 

Did you have a social gathering event get cancelled? Consider how that event can be facilitated through an online platform. Do you have products that depend on networking events to be distributed? Consider how you can utilize other media forms, like print or virtual catalogs, to keep your brand relevant and on the minds of consumers.

The one upside to all of the isolation, is that everyone is hungry for interactions. People are receptive to new and alternative ways of being entertained and feeling engaged. It’s new territory for all involved but the event industry especially, must seek out ways in which it can employ new client outreach options.

The good news is that iDbrands can help.

We’re here to forge a path with you through this new territory. We are committed to keeping clients engaged and creating lasting relationships between consumers and the products they love. Let iDbrands help you remind your clients that in these lonely times, they have not been forgotten. Send one of our “Keep Calm Kits” to your employees or send a package of Omaha Steaks and other tasty treats to your clients. Why not create an online swag store for your virtual event? Contact us today to see how we can help assist your company with online portals and drop-shipping.



Lynn Arand

Sr. Director, Client Services & Operations at Impact Dimensions, Inc.