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Create Your Own Ultimate Sunglasses Experience
When it comes to sunglasses, we know clients & guests want choices. As a solution, we have created Sunglasses Experiences to impress clients from all over. Choose from several different brands & styles.
  • Experienced Fittings

  • Trendy Brands

  • Immediate Gratification

  • Easily Transportable

  • Tiered Pricing Solutions

  • Styles for Men & Women

Reward and excite your clients with
luxury gifts and experiences by iDbrands! 
Why Choose Sunglasses?
With Sunglasses, you can easily provide a variety of styles & brands for everyone
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At IDbrands, we are the experts when it comes to studying market trends and providing clients with what they want. Every Ultimate Sunglasses Experience comes equipped with expert sunglass fittings which gives each client an opportunity to find a gift that's unique to them. 
At every Gift Experience, we provide a station equipped with a variety of styles and brands that are trending in the market. Your clients are sure to find a pair of glasses that are uniquely them. Below is a sample of options we can provide for an Ultimate Sunglasses Experience. 
Are you ready to start building Experiences for your clients? Contact us today to get started!