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Returning to the Office or Introducing a Hybrid Environment?

Let idBrands help! Work with our Event Experience Experts to design the perfect solution to engage and reward your associates during the transition.
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We have a proven solution for online gifting portals which is:  NIMBLE • FAST • INEXPENSIVE
    Create Virtual Gifting Experiences
    iDbrands is here to help you manage change. Our virtual gifting experiences provide your clients with an at-home approach to experiencing gifts and rewards in a manner of seconds. 
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    Our Virtual Gift Experiences Are Designed to be Responsive & Mobile Friendly
    No more wondering if your website will translate to mobile, our virtual experiences are made to withstand any interaction with your clients. Either desktop, mobile, or tablet - our virtual experiences will delight and impress your employees and/or clients and offer a wide range of brands and styles of gift options. 

    Line of Sight

    Have you ever looked at the world through rose-colored glasses? With iDbrands, you can choose from multiple colors, styles, and brands that enable you to see the world through any shade of your choosing.

    Tune-In to New Tech

    Have you ever wondered what your future holds? With iDbrands, we offer experiences that are at the forefront of what’s trending in technology. Choose from a variety of tech gear that will reward and excite your clients.

    Feet on the Street

    Have you ever wanted a shoe that was made just for you? With iDbrands, we offer custom shoe fittings featuring a variety of brands, styles, and sizes to choose from.

    Dressed to the Nines

    Have you ever dressed for yourself and no one else? At iDbrands, we know that everyone has a unique style, that’s why we have created ultimate apparel experiences made just for you.